Isn’t conflict (whether within ourselves or with others) a recurring problem for all of us? That will be the subject of my upcoming sermon on August 11, though I’d like to suggest a straight-forward way to address the problem with this post.

As Christians, we speak of being indwelled by the Holy Spirit. And yet, how does the Spirit “speak” to us in practical terms? By four simple steps:

  1. Begin by praying for His discernment, and then identify a key word that best characterizes your current predicament;
  2. Look up that word in the concordance at the back of your study Bible (the more comprehensive, the better!);
  3. Read each verse related to that particular word;
  4. Choose the one that “speaks” to you, and then apply it to your particular situation.

Hope this helps! But should you wish to have this theme developed further, and appreciate the historical context of where our propensity for recurring conflicts arose in Scripture, then we look forward to seeing you at our 10:00 AM service on the 11th!

In His name and service,