You are currently viewing 1 day LENTEN seminar entitled “Reasons to Believe”. Join us!

If faith is defined in Hebrews 11: 1-2 as, “being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what you cannot see”, then how, as a believer, can YOU be quite so sure or certain? Or convince a skeptic when asked “for the reasons YOU believe in the hope that you have”, given our mandate as expressed in 1st Peter 3:15?

This free, five hour seminar at Government Street UMC is designed to bolster your faith with facts, revolving around the scientific, historiographical, and bibliographic underpinning of Christianity. Included in the presentations will be (1) reconciling the Genesis Creation account with what science tells us of our origins; (2) the verification of the Gospels/Acts and letters of Paul as bona fide primary-source historical materials; (3) proofs of Jesus’ resurrection; and (4) the evolution of Christianity from Judaism (i.e. how did a Jewish “messenger” become the Christian “message”?) A question and answer period will follow each presentation.

Be prepared to have your own faith strengthened–and bring a friend who needs to hear the Good News!

Complimentary lunch is provided! The seminar is completely FREE and will fill up quickly. Please take a moment to register NOW, so we can save your place at the table. Call the church office at 251-438-4714 or email at Thank you.